South Darwin Rugby Union Club is one of the Northern Territory’s oldest rugby clubs and was a foundation club of the NT Rugby Union (NTRU) competition.

The first NTRU season began in October 1976 and ran through until March of 1977. It was a six team competition and the first match of was played between South Darwin and the RSL Dragons at 4.15pm on 2nd October 1976 at Alawa Oval.  Click here to view the photo of the first South Darwin Team of 1976/77.

The first NTRU Grand Final was played on 3rd March 1977 between Waratahs and South Darwin at Richardson Park, Ludmilla with Waratahs winning the inaugural NTRU competition 31 – 10.

The second year of competition, the 1977/78 season, South Darwin again made the Grand Final against Palmerston and won the Club it’s first premiership in its second year, winning 19-10.

The Rabbitohs have since won premierships in 1988, 2005, 2008, 2016, 2018, 2020/21.

South Darwin XV Grade Grand Finalists

South Darwin XV are one of the NTRU’s most consistent performer having appeared in 15 Grand Finals since the competition began in 1976 including premiership wins in 1977/78, 1987/88, 2005, 2008, 2016, 2018, 2020/21.

Year Result
76/77 Waratahs 31 d Souths 10
77/78 Souths 19 d Palmerston 10
80/81 Casuarina 13 d Souths 3
81/82 Casuarina 7 d Souths 6
82/83 Casuarina 7 d Souths 0
84/85 Casuarina 11 d Souths 3
87/88 Souths 23 d Palmerston 9
88/89 University 16 d Souths 0
91/92 University 20 d Souths 13
00/01 Dragons 11 d Souths 5
2003 Dragons 28 d Souths 13
2004 University 36 d Souths 8
2005 Souths 22 d University 12
2008 Souths 29 d University 21
2012 Casuarina 42 d Souths 7

South Darwin Reserve Grade Grand Finalists

South Darwin Reserve Grade, also known as our ‘Reggies’ side have a stellar record having made seven Grand Finals and winning five of these to take the premiership.

Year Result
83/84 Souths 7 d Casuarina 3
85/86 Souths 16 d Katherine 0
87/88 Palmerston 12 d Souths 11
88/89 Souths 3 d Jabiru 0
89/90 Souths 10 d Palmerston 3
92/93 Souths TBA d Jabiru TBA
2012 Casuarina 15 d Souths 11

South Darwin Third Grade Grand Finalists

Over the years the Club has registered a Third Grade team, and each time we do, we’ve had a competitive side with the best of them. The Third Grade side has played in eight Grand Finals and won two premierships.

Year Result
84/85 Dragons 10 d Souths 3
91/92 University 18 d Souths 10
93/94 Souths 11 d University 6
95/96 Palmerston 11 d Souths 7
99/00 University 13 d Souths 12
00/01 Souths 10 d University 3
01/02 University 25 d Souths 14
2003 Souths TBA d University TBA

Life Foundation Members

We honour the Club’s Life Foundation members who founded and establish our Club. The following Foundation members came up with the South Darwin Rabbitohs name, they fundraised and donated their own money and they recruited the coaches and players. Due to their organisation and leadership, South Darwin Rabbitohs was formed.

Dr. Jim Gaffney
Graham Gow
Mick Hedger
Ian Hedger
D Gribben
Kingi Teaho
Jimmy Kent
Clive Clements

Life Members

Life Members are awarded to a Player, Official or Administrator to recognise their outstanding contributions to the Club. See nomination rules

Patrick Barnes
Stewart Boland
Gary Burn
Michael Clarke
Dan Dowling
Dave Dummett
Louisa Manning-Watson
Mark Mobers
Chadd Mumme
Simon Niven
Darren Pullen
Richard Shalders
Peter Tibbits
Neil White
Vincent Wolfe
Peter Berrington
Evan Needham
Jack Lawrence
Sean Smith
Anne Robberts

Past Presidents and Vice Presidents

2009: Vincent Wolfe and Dan Dowling
2010: Vincent Wolfe and Steve Baillie
2011: Steve Baillie and Andrew Wise
2012: Andrew Wise and James de Dassel
2013: Andrew Wise and James de Dassel
2014 Katie Kelly and James De Dassel
2015 James De Dassel and Chris Whitrod
2016 James De Dassel and Melanie West                                                                                                                  2020/21 Andrew Caruana

Current: Jack Lawrence (President), Michelle Graf (Senior VP) and Ange Hennessy (Junior VP)

Historian contributor: Gary Burns

All contributions and photos are welcome.

Please email to rugby@southdarwin.com.au