Why should I sign up as a Rabbits Member?

We need all our Supporters to make the commitment as a Member.

As you might’ve noticed with Clubs like Collingwood Football Club, Brisbane Broncos, Sydney FC Football, Membership is a big part of a Club’s success.

We want to build the biggest Membership base of any Club in the Northern Territory.

By making the leap from a Supporter to a fully paid Financial Member, you are making a significant contribution to ensuring our Club one of the most successful Club’s one and off the field.

Plus most importantly, you’ll be officially part of the Club, a fully fledged paid up passionate Rabbits Member!

When will I receive my Membership pack?

You will receive your Membership within two-three weeks of joining

How do I stay up to date with all the important Club information and news?

Simply follow our Facebook page.

How do I sign up a new Member?

Forward this link onto your friends and family.

Or simply sign them up yourself!

Ensure you have their details including email address, postal address and contact numbers.

Who can sign up as a Junior Member?

This Membership is available for anyone 16 years and under.

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