Friday Night Raffles at The Parap Tavern

Support the Club and enjoy Friday night drinks at The Parap Village Tavern between now and the end of May where we hold our weekly Raffles from 5pm.

The quality meat trays are provided by Fannie Bay Gourmet Meats, another great supporter of our Club.

Club stalwart Lepani Nabuliwaqa, along with new recruits Seveti Walai, Apisai Basaga and Setariki Vakarewa have taken the lead on the Friday night raffles from fellow club legend Danny Kirk who did the hard yards last year.

The Fijian boys led by Lepani have had some cracking results with record breaking amounts, including notching over $600 on some weeks. There is more organisation to the Raffles than one might think, with the boys needing to order the goods, collect the meat trays from Fannie Bay Gourmet Meats, run the raffles for the 2-3 hours, reconcile and do the banking.  Thank you Lepani and your team, you are doing us all proud!

Anyone keen to help out can contact the club at