James de Dassel nominated for NT Sports Awards

One of the Club’s most respected Warren warriors, James de Dassel, has been nominated for the Northern Territory prestigious Sports Awards, Volunteer of the Year.

This Saturday night will see the winner announced at the annual NT Sports Awards dinner to be held at the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre in Katherine. Unfortunately for Jimmy, he is unable to attend the dinner given he will be tied-up with Rabbit duties and more generally, fending off Dragons, taking intercept tries and be a general all-out-hero at the Parap Village Tavern’s Legend’s bar.

A little bit of background to Jimmy’s nomination is below. Next time you see Jimmy, give him a high five for being such a great ambassador for Rugby and SDRUC. We are very lucky to have someone with Jimmy’s business acumen and professionalism at the Club.

Jimmy has made a significant contributions to the game of Rugby in the Northern Territory through:

1) developing his own team brand the “Country King Browns” which is a 7s rugby side that competes both nationally and internationally at Rugby 7s tournaments. The Country King Browns usual comprises of a few marquee players (ex rugby league or rugby union) in addition to some up and coming Territory based talent. These players are thrown in the mix with more experienced players and given an opportunity to shine on a bigger stage. Jimmy makes the odd financial and time sacrifice to put the Country King Browns together and compete. The team generally does extremely well and noted past players have included Julian Huxley, Andrew Walker, Jake Rainger, Nathan Blacklock, Darren Albert and Rhys Mulholland. Checkout some KCB’s action and past glory next time you’re on YouTube.

2) promoting the game locally in conjunction with well known international rugby ambassadors. Jimmy has been instrumental in ensuring gun players like Nathan Sharp, Lepani Nabuliwaqa and Tim Atkinson are continually involved in Rugby in the Northern Territory. Jimmy stitched up Tim with a clapped-out Toyota Camry when Tim first came to Darwin. Tim loved that car because it was turbo charged and he was so grateful to Jimmy, he turned down another season at the Cougars to join Souths. Jimmy also went to significant lengths to assist Nathan Sharpe when he first started his business venture in Darwin. This was done by way of Jimmy introducing Nathan to local business people established through Jimmy’s’ own rugby network. Now Nathan Sharpe has his big mits all over a Souths training singlet in addition to being an ambassador for South Darwin Rugby Union Club. In respect of Lepani, well we always knew Leps was bound to play for Souths after Jimmy became Leps’ facebook friend (the rest is history).

3) supporting and developing the South Darwin Rugby Union Club. Jimmy is the backbone of our Club and his commitment and passion is acknowledged through:
a. Developing the Warren Principle;
b. Obtaining significant sponsorship for the Club through his profession network;
c. Sponsoring the Club through his local business car hire business (love a JJs car);
d. Taking the Club to facebook, twitter and the web (thanks too Hippy);
e. Ordering all merchandise, rugby kit and playing equipment for the Club;
f. Coordinating social events;
g. Developing the junior ranks; and
h. Undertaking the role of Club Vice-president going well beyond his call of duty.

All in all, Jimmy is a one man marketing Rugby machine and this is best illustrated by his ability to keep players involved in the game and in turn making it attractive for other participants. The South Darwin Rugby Union Club thanks Jimmy whole-heartedly for being a true champion of the game of Rugby. Best of luck with the nomination legend!!

Martin Kelly, writer
South Darwin Rugby Union Club Member

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