Memorial 100m Hahn Super Dry sprint in honour of the great Steve Heggen

South Darwin Rugby Union Club will hold the newly revamped Hahn Super Dry 100metre sprint in honour of former South Darwin President Steve Heggen.

This event will be run at the South Darwin’s Tens Rugby competition on Saturday 1 March at Warren Park.

The Club’s Committee want to ensure the history of the Club is duly recognised particularly as the Club heads towards its 40th year in 2016.

Steve Heggen was a committed Club President and Player, and played for the Club during XX years. He served as President for XX years.

His son, Jud Heggen is a current player and endorsed the Club’s initiative to make this Hahn Super Dry Spring in his honour.

”Dad loved the Club and so much that he had his ashes laid on the South Darwin turf at Warren Park. He’ll think it’s kind of appropriate that you’ve name him after a 100m sprint because he’d avoid speed work at all cost. I think he’d be very pleased to have this event in his honour,” said Jud Heggan.

The South Darwin Rugby Club Committee will be holding an Old Boys Network Event later in the year. We are encouraging all those involved with the Club over the past 38 years to contact the Club and provide their email address so we can keep them up-to-date with all the latest news.

The AFA South Darwin’s Tens competition gets underway at midday Saturday 1 March and features 8 teams with $1,000 prize money. It’s free entry for children and it also co-inciding this event with the Club’s 2014 Junior sign on.

The Steve Heggen Memorial 100m Hahn Super Dry Sprint will get underway at 5.10pm.