About Junior Rabbitohs

Welcome to Juniors at South Darwin Rugby Union Club.

We welcome boys and girls to play Rugby with us and Rugby with South Darwin Rugby Club is all about fun and safety.


junior-sign-onThe NTRU competition includes:


  • Under 5’s (boys and girls)
  • Under 7’s (boys and girls)
  • Under 9’s (boys and girls)
  • Under 11’s (boys and girls)
  • Under 13’s (boys)
  • Under 15’s(boys)
  • Under 17’s (boys)

In 2017, Youth Girls teams are invited to nominate.  Souths is aiming for under 14 and under 16 youth girls teams.  Registration for girls in these divisions includes boots and a mouthguard, thanks to a grant from the Office of Sport and Recreation.

 Juniors are the foundation of our Club

Junior representation is the most important foundation of Club to ensure we can build a great club on and off the field.

The Club is placing more resources on recruiting and developing our juniors and training our coaching staff to ensure the best possible coaching is available at our Club.  Come along to the Club’s Junior Sign on Sunday 5th March 2017 from 9.30-11.30am for more information or just to have a go!  Subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up to date with the sign on and season start.

 Kids Rugby – South Darwin Rugby Club – We Play it safe

We follow the Australian Rugby Union’s programs to make Rugby fun and safe.

For starters, there’s no tackling for ages under 7’s, and winning comes a distant third to having fun and making new friends. So it doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small, boy or girl, any child can stand tall and have a ball.

Rugby Union is a fun and exciting way for young children to learn valuable life skills such as leadership, team work, courage, sportsmanship and friendship in a safe environment.

Safety is the priority as the laws and level of contact are gradually introduced while players develop.

 The key aims for Rugby for Kids is to:

  • Keep it simple, free flowing and enjoyable
  • Let the players develop skills with safety
  • Discourage any dangerous actions or unsafe practice
  • Adopt an educative, positive reinforcement approach
  • Ensure that players receive an equal chance to participate regardless of ability

New Juniors are always welcome

We encourage all interested parents or friends of rugby to contact us and learn more about our programs and support to introduce prospective juniors to rugby.


Training for Juniors is on Tuesday and Thursday nights at St. John’s College, Salonika Street Stuart Park.  Teams train at different times, depending on the age group.   Under 5s and Under 7s only train on Tuesday night while all other teams train Tuesday and Thursday.  Even if you haven’t registered or simply want your children to try it out, whatever stage in the season, come on down and try it out. Please note that under 17s and youth girls will train at Warren Park, Abala Road, Marrara – with our senior teams.

$100 Sports Vouchers:

We are registered to redeem your child’s vouchers. Please present this on registration.  2017 registration will cost $100 for all ages except under 5s, which is only $50.  Registration includes a waterbottle, shorts, socks, insurance and all affiliation fees.

For more information about South Darwin Rugby Union Juniors, please call 0439826042